Mascara is to Lashes as Livi Lu Lane Bras are to Boobs: A Woman's Simile

A bra working like your favorite mascara? Intrigued? Let’s dive in.

We often use mascara to enhance our natural lashes subtly, making them bolder and giving them that extra flair without going overboard. That’s precisely the concept behind our one-of-a-kind bra designs. They're not about creating an artificial or creating an extreme change; they're about enhancing your natural shape, helping you look the way you want, beautifully and comfortably.

The inserts are available in three different sizes and slide easily into the bra's internal pocket, giving you control over the shape and size. And since the inserts are optional, you can pick and choose the days you want a boost to your shape, just like mascara.

We have unique desires, just like our journeys: mothers who've experienced changes in breast tissue density due to nursing, women with asymmetrical breasts seeking balance, or those who just feel their breast size isn't quite 'them.' And let's not forget women who've had to explant for health reasons.

Each of these scenarios involves a unique journey with the body. Our bras and inserts offer a solution that respects and adapts to these varied experiences and changing desires, much like choosing the right mascara for a subtle yet noticeable boost.

We’re different than the other brands only offering standard sizing based on your measurements. Except they are missing a crucial reality: a bra designed to fit a (breast) size you don’t like; will not make you feel good.

Our bras keep your wishes and desires at the forefront. Empowering you to choose how you want to look and feel, regardless of your natural breast size or shape. No more settling. No more compromising.

With Livi Lu Lane, you can step into a world where you define your beauty, where each day is an opportunity to feel confident, vibrant, and truly yourself. Embrace the change, rejoice in your skin, and let your day be as unique and beautiful as you are.

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