You don't need a boob job.
you need a different kind of bra.

Traditionally, bras are designed to fit to the size of your breasts. Your entire life you've taken your measurements and purchased the corresponding bra based on the size you measured. But...

  • What if you don't love your size?
  • What if your breasts are asymmetrical and you don't like the imbalance?
  • What if your breast tissue has changed and your bra cups feel less full than before?
  • What if your breast size makes you feel self-conscious in clothes?
  • What if plastic surgery isn't an option?

Livi Lu Lane styles include the option to add volume to create natural-looking shape.

  • A "fill-up" bra, not "push-up" bra.
  • Internal bra pocket holds insert securely; no shifting or moving while wearing.
  • Water-filled inserts for a breast-like feel.
  • Three sizes for customization and volume preference.
woman needing a new bra
Boobs change.
Bras should too.

There comes a day when every woman will look down to discover her boobs are a little less firm and a little less full. As we age it's normal for our breast tissue to change.

Because breasts change, bras should too.

Through our unique designs and inserts, you can restore fullness to your bra and create the shape and natural-looking silhouette you want in clothes.

not a push-up bra

Our inserts slip into the the internal pocket to add fullness to your bra cup and more shape to your look so you can look the way you want, when you want.

Our inserts: add volume to your bra, create beautiful shape in clothes and replace tissue loss experienced from pregnancy, nursing, weight loss, or natural decline of estrogen with age.

The inserts are filled with a water and oil mixture for a natural look and feel without added weight ( 1.3 oz, 1.6 oz, 1.9 oz).

Check out the size guide below or shoot us an email for help choose which level of insert is best for you.

My shape. My choice.

“After pregnancy and nursing changed my breasts, I desperately searched for a way to look and feel like I once did. 

The bras I was used to wearing suddenly had big gaps between my skin and my bra. But when I went down a cup size, I lost my shape and felt self-conscious in my clothes. Nothing fit and I was in a terrible body-image spiral.  

I simply wanted to fill out my bras and clothes like I used to and refused to accept plastic surgery as my only option. 

My search may have come up empty, no one else’s needs to. Because that frustration and desperation became the catalyst for a company dedicated empowering women with solutions to create the shape they want, when they want it.”

 – Erin Mehagan, mom of three and founder of Livi Lu Lane.

"I love the way this bra makes me feel. It’s so flattering and sexy while also extremely comfortable. I don't feel the need to spend big money on risky cosmetic surgery anymore because this bra makes me feel pretty and confident.”

Elizabeth P.

"Every time I try a bra I fully expect to hate something about it. But this bra actually fit perfectly as soon as I tried it on. And it’s so comfortable that it feels almost as if I’m not wearing a bra at all! I’ve been wearing it for about 6 months now and I’m still just as happy with it as the day I got it.”

Jessica B.

"I’ve never had kids, but I had been on birth control for 10+ years. After recently coming off of birth control, my body went crazy and my chest shrunk. These cups are perfect for when I’m looking for a little more. And after coming home from a long day of work, I don’t even realize that I’m wearing it.”

Tricia P.

"I wear this bra ALL the time! It’s basically the comfort of a sports bra combined with the support of an underwire bra. It’s easy, cute, and fits perfectly! My new favorite undergarment by far!! Plus, I love the story behind it and the message of feeling comfortable in your own body.”