The Oscars, Little Blue Pill and Your Bra: The Unsuspecting Industry Ignoring Women's Needs

In a world where the Oscars favor Ryan Gosling while overlooking the talents of Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie, we see once again a pattern that extends far beyond the glitz of Hollywood. This continual dismissal of women is not just a red-carpet issue; it's a pervasive societal norm. 

Women continue to earn 82 cents to a man's dollar and hold only 28 percent of global managerial roles. This bias isn't confined to the workplace or the silver screen; it seeps into healthcare, where women's issues like premenstrual syndrome, affecting a staggering 90 percent of women, receive significantly less attention and funding compared to male-centric issues like erectile dysfunction, impacting a mere 19 percent of men. 

But there's an even more unsuspecting perpetrator in this systemic indifference to women’s needs: the bra industry. A sector so integral to women's daily lives, yet ironically, it stands as a symbol of neglect and oversight. 

The bra industry's approach to design is fundamentally flawed. It's built on the premise of fitting the "actual size" of a woman's breasts, completely disregarding the size or shape she desires or feels comfortable with.

Which begs question: “How can a bra that's meant to fit a size she is not happy with make her feel good?” 

Consider these startling statistics:

  • 70% of women are dissatisfied with their breast size. That's roughly 80 million women yearning for change – half of which want breasts larger than their current size.  
  • More than half of women (85 million, to be exact) grapple with the challenges of asymmetrical breasts, leading to an ongoing struggle with their self-image and confidence.
  • Changes from pregnancy, dramatic weight loss, and aging affect nearly every woman, leading to a decrease in confidence as their desires and bodies no longer align with the standardized sizes offered.
  • The 34% rise in explant surgeries is a clear sign that invasive procedures cannot be the exclusive option – especially with estimates that 20% of all implant surgeries will one day be removed. 

This legacy approach to bra design is not just inadequate; it represents a glaring oversight of women's real, varied, and evolving needs.

Enter our concept – a bold, non-surgical rebellion against this status quo. We're not just selling bras; we're offering freedom. The freedom for women to choose their shape, their look, without the risks of surgery or the discomfort of ill-fitting solutions.

Take the story of *Karen, a woman who reached out to us with a story echoed by millions of women:

“I constantly struggle with ways to minimize the difference in my breasts, from using padded inserts that don't give the correct shape, to wearing cutlets with a constant worry they will shift or fall out, or cause a hot, sweaty and rashy reaction to sitting directly against my skin. For the past few years I have also tried practicing acceptance, without using any inserts but ultimately, I have not been able to find any bras that truly make me feel confident or even comfortable with my situation.
This is something that literally has affected every situation and aspect of my life. Every time I get dressed, I must analyze how apparent my asymmetry is, in regular clothes, workout clothes, swimwear, even sleepwear and lingerie.
I've also looked into breast augmentation many times throughout my adult life. Although I have not had the nerve to actually go through with it yet, I have decided that is probably the only solution I have left at this point. That is - until I came across your website today. Maybe, just maybe, this will be the answer I've been looking for to help me finally achieve the confidence I have been trying so hard to fake (and ultimately still falling short of).”

Karen’s daily discomfort with her asymmetry, the awkwardness of uncomfortable solutions, and her contemplation of breast augmentation is a testament to the devastating impact our societal and industry norms impose on women.

Our mission not just addresses this oversight, it sets a new standard, one where women's desires, comfort, and confidence are at the forefront. Our unique bras and optional inserts offer solutions tailored to these specific needs, allowing women to choose their ideal size and shape without surgery. The internal pocket and customizable inserts provide a versatile, comfortable, and confidence-boosting experience.

It's time for a revolution in the bra industry, a shift from the one-size-fits-all mentality to a more inclusive, understanding, and supportive approach. Our goal is to empower women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin, without the need for drastic measures like surgery. We believe that every woman deserves to feel comfortable and confident, and our products are designed to help them achieve just that.

Join us in this revolution to give women the voice and the choices they deserve in an industry that has long turned a deaf ear to their needs. It's time for change, and it starts with reimagining the very fabric of women's everyday lives.

Let's create a world where every woman can feel supported, both literally and figuratively, by the bras they wear. Together, we can make a difference and help women everywhere rediscover their confidence and feel beautiful, one bra at a time.





*Names have been changed to protect privacy. 

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