Pregnancy & Nursing

Breast changes

The special bond created between you and your baby during pregnancy and nursing is like no other. Even though that time is important and meaningful, many women feel underwhelmed by its aftermath and the changes that occur to their breasts. 

Changes to breasts after pregnancy and nursing is incredibly common. Breasts may shrink in size, lose fullness or become more saggy. 

Even though breast change is normal, it can lead to feelings of discomfort or embarrassment. 

For years women have been subjected to ridiculous advice and inadequate solutions ranging from better posture and cold showers to drastic surgeries like breast augmentation or a breast lift. 

We’ve been through these changes too and create products to support women through this experience. 

first true solution

a fill-up bra

Our unique designs include an internal pocket where an optional insert can be placed. The stretchy pocket keeps the insert from shifting while wearing.

The water and oil filled inserts are available in three different sizes to customize your look based on your experience and desired look. 

Because of its size and volume, the Level 1 insert fits best in B cup sizes. If you are looking at C or D cup sizes, either the Level 1, 2, or 3 inserts will work.