About Livi Lu Lane

At Livi Lu Lane, we are passionate about empowering women with natural breast enhancement options and solutions for post-implant removal restoration.

We understand the journey of breast changes and are dedicated to providing non-surgical alternatives that help you feel confident and beautiful.

The Origin of Livi Lu Lane

After three pregnancies and years of nursing, my house was full, my heart was full, but my bra was not.

Even before kids, I never would have classified myself as large chested, but I felt great in my clothes and I always found bras that made me feel good. After kids? Nothing worked. The cup size I was used to wearing left a big gap between my skin and my bra. And if I wore the cup size that actually fit, I had no shape in my clothes and felt very self-conscious.

I was frustrated, annoyed, and depressed. Nothing fit. Not my bras, not my shirts, not my dresses. Nothing. So, I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon to discuss breast augmentation. He took a tremendous amount of time going over all my questions and concerns, but ultimately, I couldn’t go through with it. The elective surgery seemed too drastic, too permanent, and it was way too expensive. I was nervous about a lot of things including how my body would react to the implants and if I would have any impacts to my health.

I tried to commit myself to positive thinking. I told myself to be proud of my body. It grew three humans and kept each one fed through nursing. And yes, it’s way cool my body did that, but I couldn't shake it. Why couldn't I feel proud of my body and confident in a tank top?

I was fed up. I felt like my only option was to get a boob job or suck it up and live with my ill-fitting bras and clothes that didn't make me feel good. There had to be another way.

That's why I started Livi Lu Lane: to give women a non-surgical breast enhancement option and empower them to easily create the shape they want regardless of their breast size or shape. Our unique bras with internal pockets and customizable inserts provide natural breast enhancement and restoration, helping you feel confident and beautiful every day.

I hated the way I felt, and my dream for this company – for this brand – is to keep other women from feeling that same way. I want women who put on this bra to feel great and then forget about it. I want them to get dressed and move on with their day with renewed confidence – ready to take on whatever challenge lies in front of them.